About Jack Barton

I’m a lifelong musician with over 20 years of experience playing, teaching, and writing music. As an active performer, I regularly play saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, and other woodwind instruments throughout Utah. I’ve also composed original music for mobile games, commercials, podcasts, and stage productions. On top of that, I actively create new music for film, TV, and video game production libraries.

I also run a few online businesses. The first is Sonic Atlas, an online resource for music production and audio nerds like me. The other is Wavefront Creative, where I provide digital marketing services for other brands in the music industry, including major retailers, instrument manufacturers, symphonies, and blogs.

My Projects

Sonic Atlas

An online resource for media composers, music producers, and audio enthusiasts. Inside, you’ll find tutorials, product reviews, buying guides, and more.

Wavefront Creative

I do freelance web design, SEO, and content writing for businesses in the music industry. Some of my clients include major retailers, instrument manufacturers, symphonies, and other music blogs.

Production Music

I create music in a variety of styles for production and stock libraries. My tracks have appeared in various commercials, podcasts, video games, and more.

What I’m Doing Now

Go see my “now” page. It’s a public declaration and personal reminder of what I’m currently focused on.

Contact Me

Want to get in touch or follow me? Feel free to connect with me on Instagram. For business inquiries, email jack@jackbarton.co